Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Should you eat bread?

At least of half, if not more, of the people that tell me they are on a diet tell me they "don't eat bread" or "don't eat carbs." Should this be done?
A study came out that reviewed all the available data on the subject in the past 30 years (38 studies.)
The results showed that whole grains such as whole-wheat bread was not associated with increase in weight, and sometimes even associated with a lower weight and smaller waist size. This makes sense because whole-wheat and whole-grain products tend to be higher in fiber which has been shown to be associated with a lower BMI and weight status.
White bread and refined carbohydrates, were associated in some studies with a larger waist size and sometimes a higher weight status. The results varied from study to study, but the increase in waist size and  weight, if present, was very small.
Bottom line: If you are on a diet, cut out white bread and refined breads, and include whole-wheat bread and whole-grains. There is a place for bread in your diet, just not the white kind! 

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  1. It's amazing how many helpful items people can overlook when on a diet. I'm not on a diet, yet I recognize the importance of wheat bread.