Friday, November 30, 2012

diet sweetners are associated with higher weight gain

A new study in rats found that non nutritive sweeteners, aspartame (used in diet coke and pepsi) and saccharin (sweet and low,) are associated with a her body weight.

rats that consumed these non nutritive sweeteners, even though both groups consumed same amount of calories per day, had higher levels of weight gain than the rats who were fed sucrose, standard table sugar.

29 rats were involved in the study, and half the rats were fed yogurt sweetned with sucrose and half with the aspratame and saccharin. Both groups consumed the same amount of calories per day, the rats that ate the yogurt with sugar ate less of the other foods during the day and the rats who ate the yogurt with the sugar substitute compensated for the calories saved  by eating more food that day.

The study concluded that the addition of the sugar substitute resulted in higher weight gain compared to the regular sugar yogurt, despite the fact that total calorie intake for the day were similar in all groups. 

This suggests that non nutritive sweeteners like saccharin and aspartame induce weight gain in other mechanisms such as reducing calorie expenditure or promoting fluid retention.

More studies need to follow in humans to confirm this, but my belief has always been that regular sugar, sucrose, in small amounts is better than sugar substitutes.
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  1. Since there is a need for more studies to confirm this, I guess there will be no harm if I continue the consumption of diet sweeteners.