Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Great healthy and yummy snack items to try

Here are some healthy and tasty snacks I have tried recently and loved. I found them all at whole foods or Publix. They can be found online also.

1. Fiber Gourmet's Cheese Thinables - They are similar to Cheez-it crackers, but 60 calories and 11 grams of fiber for a bag of 30 crackers! Super delicious and a great snack.

2. Matt Munchies premium fruit snack - Similar to fruit roll up or fruit leather, this snack is delicious, a very large portion and only 40 calories for the whole bag! Great snack that is low calorie and satisfies a sweet craving

3. Umpqua Oats Super Premium Oatmeal - Great on the go breakfast oatmeal, comes in a few flavors. Make in the box that it comes in. It is 300 calories and high in fiber.

4. Arctic Zero Frozen Dessert - Find in the ice cream isle, this frozen dessert is a 150 calories for the whole pint size carton. Lactose free and gluten free and high in protein!

5. Pom Poms wonderful fresh arils - I found this in the produce section, this is a great way to eat whole pomegranate seeds without the trouble of breaking a part the whole fruit. Comes ready to eat so you can get all the health benefits of pomegranates like antioxidants and fiber, which is not found in the juice.

Danielle Hamo, RD LD/N


  1. Good stuff and i liked it because of i am already suffering from weight issues and these kind of food helps me to avoid extra unhealthy fats .

  2. Pom Poms are my fav! Everyone should try them